What do attorneys do?

by | Apr 5, 2014 | Lawyers

Attorneys are professionals who have been granted a license to practice law within a specific geographical jurisdiction. Attorneys in Wichita KS offer various legal services although many attorneys choose to focus their attention on a particular area of law. Saying this however, there are basic functions that define attorneys regardless of the type of law they practice, her are a few of them.

The primary responsibility of any attorney is to advocate for the client, this includes giving counsel that serves the best interests of the client whether an individual or an entity. At the same time, the attorney presents the case to the legal system in such a way that the resolution will be the best possible under the law. These purposes work well when the attorney is given full disclosure from the client and then couples this insight with strong knowledge of the law. There is an excellent chance that justice will prevail when these elements are pooled.

Although any attorney can handle any legal matter the truth is that the attorney is expected to be a stand-out in a certain area of law. Rarely, if ever, will you find an attorney who excels in criminal law and family law as an example. One attorney will develop a practice based around criminal law while another will build a practice built around family law. Because of this tendency it is not difficult for a client to seek the services of an attorney who will prove helpful under the circumstances.

There are many situations where the attorney deals with the affairs of the public. Private citizens go to an attorney to seek assistance in drawing up their will. These clients want assurance the will is correct in all respects and to make sure that probate is done at the right time. Attorneys are called for when an individual declares bankruptcy, creating a trust or power of attorney along with many other personal issues.

From a business point of view an attorney at Fleeson.com will draft contracts used in specific business situations, these can be employment contracts, leases etc. In the event the company merges or is sold, the attorney will draft whatever documents are needed to acknowledge the transaction, making sure that everything complies with the laws governing the transaction.


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