Using a Personal Injury Attorney of Queens NY when you Have Been Hurt in a Elevator or Escalator Related Accident

by | Feb 28, 2012 | Personal Injury

You don’t hear about them too often, but every year someone is hurt in something called an elevator/escalator accident. If this person happens to be you, then you should get in touch with a personal injury attorney in Queens NY. The lawyer will be able to help you determine if you should get any help paying your medical bills.

In most cases the reason you were hurt while on or around an elevator or an escalator was because the machine was not properly cared for. The one good thing that will come from your injury is that usually within minutes of your injury getting reported, steps to get the problem corrected are taken. Meanwhile you are going to have to deal with medical bills, some of which might not be covered by your current health insurance plan. If the injury is very severe, you might even go through a period of time when you are unable to work.

When you meet with a personal injury attorney in Queens NY they will listen to your side of the story and then tell you if you think you have the grounds for a lawsuit or not. If they think you do have a case, they will take the steps to file a claim against the person who was responsible for the elevator or escalator. In most cases the claim is against either the owner of the business where the accident happened, or the landlord. It depends on which individual was responsible for the elevator/escalator maintenance. In more than one situation the landlord as well as the company tasked with making sure that the escalator/elevator was properly serviced is also held accountable.

The one thing you won’t have to worry about is the personal injury attorney in Queens NY taking a long time to file the claim. In fact, this is the one part of the case that is going to move very quickly. The minute you get hurt, the clock starts ticking. If you are going to file a claim against the owner of the elevator/escalator it needs to be done no later than thirty days after the original injury. That means you can’t wait to see how much of your medical expenses your health insurance is going to cover. You’ll have to get all of that sorted out after the personal injury claim has been filed.

Losing your temper and making all kinds of accusations isn’t going to help anyone in this situation. All it will do is slow down the system. You need to let the lawyers work through the situation.

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