Understanding Why You May Need to Involve an Insurance Claim Attorney in Silverdale after an Accident

Experiencing a motor vehicle accident is a potentially traumatizing experience for just about everyone. When you are involved in a car accident and it comes time to file an insurance claim to help with covering expenses such as vehicle repairs and injuries to one or more person, the last thing you need in this type of scenario is problems with the insurance company. This is when it can become important for local residents to involve an Insurance Claim Attorney in Silverdale.

Here are a few important things to understand about insurance companies:

     *      They’re in business to make money –

It doesn’t get any more simple than this. Insurance companies rely on monthly premium payments from their clients and the fact that they will most likely not require large payouts during the term of their policy. In this way, insurance companies are capable of generating massive profits which they happily pocket and only return when absolutely necessary.

     *     They’re understandably cautious –

In some cases, an insurance company may cause difficulties with a claim simply because they have reasonable doubt in the validity of the claim. Even if your claim is completely legitimate, there may be a red flag on the insurance provider’s end that has given them reason to be suspect. When this happens, they will typically fight the claim until proof of its legitimacy can be produced.

     *     They have an interest in minimizing losses –

If an insurance company made a habit of paying out the dollar amounts associated with every initial claim, they wouldn’t be nearly as profitable as they could be. This can sometimes lead to somewhat questionable activities on the provider’s end but is an honest attempt at protecting the best interests of the insurance company, in many cases.

Even though understanding why an insurance company might make things difficult when filing your claim might shed some light on their possible motives for doing so, it does not change the fact that you are entitled to a settlement that is favorable for all parties involved. If you are experiencing problems with filing an insurance claim, it may be a good idea to contact an Insurance Claim Attorney in Silverdale such as Anthony Otto, Attorney At Law.


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