Tips your Divorce Lawyer Can Give you

The bonds of matrimony are no longer guaranteed to last a lifetime. The number of divorcing couples is escalating in the US and in many other countries across the world. Marriages are failing more often, leaving younger people disillusioned with the concept of marriage. If you are undergoing a painful dissolution of marriage, you need to consult a divorce lawyer to ensure your rights are protected during this vulnerable time in your life.

As divorce law is a division of Family Law, the state laws, statues and rules govern divorce cases. Common law and codes can also be cited during divorce proceedings. An experienced lawyer would be able to aggressively protect your interests.

State laws differ on various aspects of family law. If you are contemplating the termination of your marriage, consulting an experienced attorney would be a sensible choice. A local divorce lawyer would guide you in various legal areas such as:

* Child Support: the state law determines the procedure for child support calculations. For example, for residents of Ohio, the sum total of the gross incomes of both parents are taken and located on a chart that indicates the suitable monetary obligations towards supporting the child. Expenses also should include medical and health insurance, school fees etc.

* Child Custody and Visitation rights: some states allocate parental rights and responsibilities to one of the parents by designating that person the “residential parent”. That parent is also assigned as the legal custodian of the child. The other parent continues to share the parenting of the children unless that person has a criminal or abusive history and is barred from access to the children for such reasons.

* Alimony/Spousal Support/Maintenance: states also differ in their decrees regarding spousal support/ alimony etc. In most cases one of the spouses is required to provide financial support to the other for a limited time period. The alimony or spousal support depends on a number of factors, such as the length of the marriage, the inability of one spouse to seek gainful employment etc. Your divorce lawyer can best guide you in spousal support matters.

* Division of Property and Debt: states are categorized as “community property” states or “equitable distribution states”. Division of assets and debts between divorcing couples would be determined by the state laws.

* Separation: state laws also differ on the acknowledgment of legal separations.

A divorce may be a traumatic period of your life. To escape with minimal financial compromise and loss of rights to your children, seek the help of an experienced divorce lawyer. Avon, OH residents can find skilled professionals offering legal advice in local law firms.

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