Three Reasons to Hire a Private Criminal Attorney

Have you ever been faced with a decision that could radically change your life? Depending on your age the answer to this question could be a simple no or, it could be a resounding yes. There are few situations in life that can compare to the moment that you are charged with a serious crime. If you have had the unfortunate experience of being in the wrong place at the wrong time or, if you have made a foolish mistake and broken the law, you are in serious need of a great criminal attorney. Criminal attorneys are important for many reasons, and we will highlight some of those in a moment, but the biggest reason you need to hire a lawyer is for your freedom. Our founding fathers envisioned a free society and your life will not be whole without freedom. Lets take a few moments and examine why you should hire a private criminal attorney to help you in your quest for justice, freedom, and reconciliation.

First, it is important to understand the difference between a public and a private criminal attorney. Public attorneys are those that are willing to be appointed by the court system. These are lawyers that are essentially working for free. While these lawyers are indeed professional, they are not as dedicated and as skilled as the attorneys that practice private law. A private criminal attorney dedicates their life to winning cases and helping people realize freedom. One of the greatest reasons you need to hire a criminal attorney is so you can have the best representation possible. Private attorneys are able to dedicate more time to your case and they have numerous contacts in the private world that can help you receive the verdict of not guilty.

Another great reason for hiring a private criminal attorney is that you need personal, one-on-one time with your attorney. Remember, you will be hiring this professional lawyer with your own money. Because of this you will have a more intimate relationship and a closer working relationship. When you are facing serious criminal charges there should be no room between you and your attorney. Your freedom and exoneration will be their number one priority and goal.

Finally, hiring a criminal attorney will give you the appearance of innocence. Many times an individual will reluctantly allow the public defender to have their case. By hiring a private attorney you will be showing the world that you are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure your freedom. This is no time to be cheap or to allow your life in the hands of a novice. Do the right thing and hire a private criminal attorney the next time you are facing criminal charges.

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