The Importance of an Eviction Attorney in Chicago

As tenant/landlord laws are becoming more complex every year, it is so important to have an experienced eviction attorney in Chicago, who has knowledge of the court system. They can help with difficult situations with leases, code enforcement, and eviction procedures. Protecting the rights of landlords is assured when having legal representation of a reputable eviction attorney.

A well respected attorney will have represented their clients successfully in a variety of issues such as:

* Breach of a lease
* Residential disputes
* Rent control
* Disputes of lease
* Collecting past due rent
* Possession proceedings
* Notice of eviction
* Nuisance
* Occupancy of landlord

As a tenant or landlord, any dispute needs a just outcome, and an eviction attorney will determine an appropriate process to help in your dispute. Maybe you will need help in drawing up the initial lease agreement or when filing the proper eviction paperwork, either way, you will need to find a good representative to protect your interests.

They can also aid in administrative hearings, commercial and residential evictions, breach of contract, negotiating of a lease, condominium conversions, and holdover proceedings. Addressing an eviction requires an understanding of the laws and the exact actions to take to protect the rights of a tenant or landlord. While you can file forms for these proceedings on your own, it is better to have the legal experience backing your actions for the best outcomes.

Issues will arise whether you are an investor, operator, owner, or a landlord. As a landlord you can bring a case against your tenant for non-payment of rent and can evict if he will not pay. Tenants must pay their monthly rent in a timely manner or they will lose their right to housing in your rental property. The terms are completely listed in the agreement that the tenant has signed when they moved in, along with full disclosure of possible actions if there are violations. This is another possible reason to hire a good eviction attorney in Chicago; violation of the lease.

Other reasons for eviction of a tenant are becoming a nuisance to other renters, putting others in their apartment, and living there after the lease expires. In holdover cases, the eviction attorney will assist you in getting the tenant out of the apartment or house when the rental lease has expired. Some tenants will try to stay longer on the premises, if you do not hire someone to legally get them out.

As a tenant you can also bring a case of illegal proceedings of eviction against your landlord. You can also demand that he provide needed repairs to the apartment complex or building, if he hasn’t done so in a timely manner. Both tenants and landlords will benefit from the expertise of the eviction attorney Chicago and can resume good relationships after a dispute with attorney counsel.

The attorneys of Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells represent individuals and commercial organizations in Chicago who are facing eviction. With more than 80 years of experience, you can trust that we will deliver the best legal services.

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