The Great Importance of Wire Rope and Chain Slings

Wire Rope, lifting clamps CT, and Chain Slings are used widely in all types of industrial applications around the world. Chain slings are especially vital when heavy objects need to be moved. These chains are one of the strongest types of rigging hardware on the market, and they can be either mechanical or welded slings. Mechanical chain slings are designed with alloy components such as coupling links or hammerlocks, whereas welded chain slings are attached right on end fittings. Both of these sling types are regularly used when heavy objects need to be lifted overhead. The grade of alloy chain that they are made with is always 80 or 100, so users will get an ultimate level of protection and safety when they are lifting objects overhead. Visit for more information.

The Versatility of Chain Slings

In addition to their great strength, the main reason that chain slings are so popular is because they offer great versatility that isn’t often seen with other types of rigging hardware. They are used nearly every day for jobs in the construction and steel mill industries, and they are quite useful in a number of ways since the length of their legs can be easily adjusted. Various allow end fittings can be changed out on the slings, so that they can be used for different applications. Since there are so many fittings available for different uses, it is important to ensure that you are choosing the right chain for your needs. A rigging hardware specialist will be able to offer advice on the best types of chain slings to get.

The Importance of Inspections with Rigging Hardware

With chain slings, lift clamps, wire rope, or any other type of rigging hardware, it is important to inspect the equipment often, to make sure that it is not damaged or wearing down. If the hardware begins to show signs of wear, then it is time to toss it out. Safety is the first priority, and bad equipment can cause serious risks or injuries. It is best to set an inspection schedule, so that no inspections are missed. A missed inspection could mean the difference between someone living or dying if an accident occurs, so they are critical. The Bilco Group offers lifting clamps in CT and other quality rigging supplies. View their website for further information.

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