Testate or Intestate? Ask the Probate Lawyer Gurnee Respects

The Probate Lawyer Gurnee residents rely on will sit down with you and go over exactly what a probate is, how it works and how long it takes for it to be discharged.

There are three kinds of probates, actually. The one most recognized is the death probate. If it is testate, then the loved one who died had a will made that will be read upon his death. If it is intestate, it means he died without making a will, at which time, the state law decides how to distribute his assets. Many legalities apply when the will is intestate, but, in both, a period of time must pass in which claims can be made against the estate before it is discharged. As you can see, in these types of legal matters, it is best to have a well qualified attorney offering proper guidance to the parties involved.

The second type of probate is filed when an adult 18 years of age or older can not make his own decisions regarding his health care or finances. A person who is very qualified to be his guardian will be appointed to take care of his health situation and also his finances. One individual is allowed to maintain both health and finances for the disabled adult. This is called a Disabled Adult Probate.

The third type of probate has to do with the guardianship of a minor’s estate should he come into an inheritance or receive a settlement. A guardian could be appointed to oversee the child’s estate, or the parents could oversee it, but both may have to provide an accurate accounting as to how monies have been spent. This is a Probate for Minor Children. Probate is just one category of the law the Probate Lawyer Gurnee residents have come to respect, does for his clients.

He will represent those needing estate planning, business litigation, bankruptcy, foreclosure and personal injury cases. Fill out the short form on the Website and get started receiving the help you need. One good place to begin is to have your Last Will and Testament drawn up by the Probate Lawyer Gurnee residents call so that your probate will be testate with your assets going where you want them to and not to whom the state assigns them.

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