Social Security law in Kansas City: Why Not Disability?

Whether or not you should hire a lawyer that is familiar with Social Security law in Kansas City is all about timing. Just about everyone is going to tell you there is no reason to rush out and hire a lawyer just because you have decided to apply for social security benefits. In fact, it is not until or unless that application gets rejected that you even need a lawyer. The first thing your lawyer is going to do once your application gets rejected is review your case. They are going to be checking to make sure there is nothing that justifies the rejection in your information. Naturally, this means you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble by knowing what would disqualify someone from getting benefits according to the Social Security law in Kansas City.

How Much Money Do You Make?

Sometimes just because a person is disabled it does not mean that they cannot work. It just means that they cannot work as much as they had before. Unfortunately, the social security office does not care about you not getting the check you are used to getting if you are still going to be getting enough money to pay your bills. Social security benefits are for people who are going to be struggling to pay their bills because of their disability. This is actually why there is a limit to the number of hours a person can work and the amount of money they can make while on disability. If you go over that amount you lose your benefits because the social security office just assumes you must be well enough to support yourself at that point.

It is very possible for you to get rejected because there doctor did not see anything wrong with you medically. This is unfortunate because there are some medical conditions where some days are worse than others. Just because the doctor managed to see you on one of your better days it was enough to reject your application. When this happens you would just need information from your doctor stating that the only way to truly evaluate your medical condition is to see you more than once. Contact Grundy Disability Group LLC for more information.

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