Services Offered By Divorce Attorneys In Easton

If you and your spouse are no longer able to live together and ready to end your marriage, you may need the services of divorce attorneys Easton. An attorney that practices within the field of law is familiar with the process required to dissolve your marriage, determine child custody, and file for a protection order when necessary. If you require these services, you should contact the attorney of your choice and schedule a consultation to establish your rights.

The Benefits of a Protection Order

A protection order is issued by a judge in the event that your spouse is a danger to you or your children. In the event that child or spousal abuse is suspected the judge will present this order to your spouse with a list if stipulations. Violations of these stipulations will result in criminal charges against your spouse. He or she will be arrested and arraigned for these criminal charges. The charges will consequently, affect child custody and may require additional guidelines for your spouse. In some cases, supervised visitation is required in which a court liaison is present during each visit to report the behavior of your spouse to the judge.

Types of Divorces

In legal proceedings, there are two types of divorce. There is uncontested divorce, which implies that you and your spouse are in complete agreement with the terms of the divorce. These divorces typically require a thirty-day waiting period before they are finalized. A contested divorce implies that you, and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement. In these proceedings, it may be necessary to go to trial. During a trial, the judge may determine how your property is divided based on the grounds for the divorce and local marriage laws.


A divorce attorney Easton represents your rights in legal proceedings. These proceedings include divorce and child custody. Your attorney may secure a protection order to protect you and your children from your spouse. These orders define terms in which your spouse is legally bound to comply with or receive criminal charges. Uncontested divorces are proceedings in which you, and your spouse agree to the terms. Contested divorces are when you cannot arrive at an agreement.

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