Selecting a Divorce Attorney San Bernardino Professional

by | Aug 13, 2012 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Going through a divorce is stressful in its own right. Finding the best divorce lawyer in your area of San Bernardino can be equally as stressful. It’s important to research and ask around to find the right divorce attorney San Bernardino professional in order to have your divorce go smoothly.

What to Do First When Selecting a Divorce Attorney San Bernardino Professional

As you are searching for a divorce attorney San Bernardino professional it’s important to find the right one for the job at hand. You should first identify what type of divorce or case you have. Are you negotiating in your divorce, are you mediating in your divorce or is it a huge blow up, all claws and horns exposed divorce litigation?

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of divorce you will be involved in you want to start your research for the right divorce attorney. Seek out those lawyers who specialize in the type of divorce you are most likely to have.

How to Research Divorce Attorney San Bernardino Professionals

The divorce rate is around 50 percent so chances are you’ll know a few people who have gone through divorce. Ask around and see if your friends or family can recommend a great divorce attorney.

You can also research divorce attorneys online or through the yellow pages. It’s important when finding lawyers in the yellow pages to also check out their website. Most professionals will have websites. This will give you some of the generic information you’ll want to have on hand such as contact information, years of experience and where they did their schooling.

It’s also important to look into any complaints that may have been lodged against a lawyer you are considering. Many times the local bar association will have pertinent information where you can see if a potential choice in attorney is in good standing.

What Information to Have During the Initial Consultation

You should have a list of three to five divorce attorney San Bernardino professionals before you decide on just one. With this list you should setup consultations. During your consultations you should bring certain information with you in order to get a better idea of your case from a potential attorney.

As you are preparing yourself for your consultations you should have some information organized. Have some type of outline of your marriage and its history. You’ll also want to be specific about the problems you are facing now with your marriage and why you are choosing to divorce.

If any papers have been filed in court you’ll want to bring those along as well. Bring in tax returns and financial statements for the attorney to review as well.

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