Reasons to Hire an Injury Lawyer in Marietta GA

Serious injuries sustained in an automobile accident can affect you for years to come and even change your life forever. Many injury victims try to handle it on their own, instead of consulting the expertise of an Injury lawyer Marietta GA that can maximize their settlement. Many studies have shown that injury victims who hire a personal injury attorney to handle their case receive greater settlements, even after payment of the attorney’s fees, than those who do not hire a lawyer. Enlisting the help of a professional personal injury attorney means that they will handle all of the legal details of your claim, so that you are able to concentrate on your recovery and well-being. Having good representation is the only way to make sure your rights are protected, especially if the accident was seriously life altering or partly your fault.

The insurance company will try to settle your case for the lowest monetary amount possible, regardless of your injuries or fault. The insurance company does not care about your well-being or about the injuries you sustained. They are a business and represent shareholders, so their only goal is paying out the lowest amount possible to protect their financial performance. Before speaking with a representative of the insurance company and giving them a recorded statement to use against you, seek counsel from an Injury lawyer in Marietta GA. Most personal injury attorneys will speak with you about your case without payment to gauge the merits of your claim. A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer will recognize the real value of your injury claim and counsel you on whether to fight for higher compensation or to settle with the already offered amount. Also, the insurance company has another motive to settling quickly, which doesn’t take into account expenses that may come long after the initial accident and medical treatment. Serious accidents can result in injuries that don’t present themselves right away and in loss of income that cannot be judged immediately. An attorney who is acting as your legal advocate and who is dedicated to protecting your interests as a victim will be able to advise you throughout the entire process and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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