Protect Your Property With Bankruptcy Lawyers Belleville IL

There are some problems that have many solutions, some that have a few, and others that only have one. When people are in serious debt and need a solution, they may not know what bankruptcy solution will be the most appropriate for their financial situation. Researching the laws that govern bankruptcy to file a case accurately will take time and make clients more susceptible to mistakes or omissions that could cost them dearly. Filing for bankruptcy without an attorney can be the difference between keeping a house or a car. However, Bankruptcy Lawyers Belleville IL at J.D. Graham, P.C. have been representing clients for bankruptcy cases for more than 21 years. They can advise clients on the best course of action before filing for bankruptcy, and determine which type of bankruptcy will be the most beneficial.

Bankruptcy is a complex process that can provide a resolution to a client’s financial position with the help of a bankruptcy attorney to guide him or her through the procedure. The most common types of bankruptcy filed by the public and small businesses are chapter 7, referred to as liquidation and chapter 13, referred to as modification or restructuring of debt. Bankruptcy Lawyers Belleville IL at J.D. Graham, P.C. have the knowledge of each type of bankruptcy, and offer their clients a free consultation to assess the type of bankruptcy that will ensure they protect their property and possibly eliminate or restructure their debt.

Timing a bankruptcy filing is strategic, and it is often advised for clients to file a claim either immediately or in the near future. To get an idea of the best time to file for bankruptcy, clients must see a bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible. Any unnecessary delays can be detrimental to their case, and could result in the loss of some valuable assets.

Although bankruptcy may appear to be a resolution for anyone who is deep in debt, there are many cases which bankruptcy will not serve a useful purpose for a client. This is an important piece of information that clients need to know to assess their financial condition further for a more viable solution. For customers who are a candidate for bankruptcy, lawyers have the experience clients need to protect them from wage and bank account garnishments, utility shut-offs, old past due rental payments, distressing phone calls from debt collectors, credit card debt, repossessions, medical bills, foreclosures, and much more.

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