Important aspects of Patent Registration process

Patent Registration
Patent Registration

Patent registration has become a necessity nowadays. Patent registration is required to protect your invention and prevent intellectual or property thefts. You can get your patent registered with the ‘U.S Patent and Trademark Office.’

Patent Registration Types

There are basically two methods you can choose from while registering a patent:

  • Non-provisional application
  • Provisional application

The filing date is established in the non-provisional method whereas the provisional application begins with the examination process and eventually leads to a patent.

Following are some of the important factors that constitute patent registration.


Ideally, the person registering the patent should also be the inventor of that particular patent. To be precise, the individual should be the sole inventor of the idea or concept. However, keep in mind that if there is more than one inventor then you should list the names of both these inventors.


The inventor while registering the patent is provided with an online patent registry. Thus, the inventor can browse through the list and ensure that his/her invention is not a duplicate or replica of the earlier inventions. If the invention is a duplicate then you cannot patent it.
It is necessary to ensure that your application for a patent doesn’t get rejected. You should therefore ensure that you have arranged for all the required legal details. Seek the assistance of a patent attorney who can help you with the legal work. This will ensure that your patent application gets accepted.
Time Frame

Any patent expires after a particular time period. It is thus necessary that the patent is renewed after the expiry date. Usually, a patent expires after 14 years starting from the day it was granted. You can get more details about patent registration and time frame details by browsing through the ‘United States Patent and Trademark Office Website.’


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