Offering you a fresh start – Bankruptcy Attorneys in Aurora.

Maybe it was bad choices in your youth. Perhaps a nasty divorce or a layoff in this down-swinging economy. No matter what the reason, your resolution is clear. Bankruptcy is your only true solution for financial relief. When deciding to request the services of one of the many Bankruptcy Attorneys Aurora has to offer, there are more than just location and cost to take into consideration. A lower rate attorney may seem like a good idea at first, especially when your inability to pay bills is the reason, but often proves to be a mistake. A professional who truly understands the law and can best guide you through this life changing event is a wiser investment than words can ever express.

There are several types of bankruptcy and debt relief a licensed attorney can offer. With recent law changes, the old standard ‘wipe the slate clean’ may not be something you come to qualify for. Many clients are simply not aware of the options they have and are shocked at first to learn that bankruptcy may prove to not be the solution for them. Several factors are taken into consideration when working with a bankruptcy attorney, such as age of debts, amount(s) owed versus income, and the availability of liquid assets like mortgages and vehicles. Depending on these and several other factors, your attorney will help guide you to which of the six types of bankruptcy is best for your situation. It is this attention to detail that makes the Bankruptcy Attorneys Aurora is served by second to none. From the traditionally thought of ‘fresh start’ of a Chapter 7, where in a person is released from all debts may seem like the ideal answer but is not without risks to some assets and therefor should be considered alongside a professional who specializes in bankruptcy and debt consolidation.

More recently, attorneys have been considering options like Chapters 13, where in the responsible party spends a set time frame making scheduled payments towards their owed debts before the court will release them from the remaining balances. As with other options, this too is not to be entered into lightly and a specialized attorney is far and away the best ally you can possibly have when faced with this tough decision.

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