LTD Lawyer in San Diego for Disability Claim Denials

Sometimes a person needs the help of a personal injury and disability lawyer. If you have severe injuries that negatively affect your appearance or physical capabilities for a year or more, the lawyer can assist in filing a claim. Accident compensation is typically determined by the severity of your injuries as measured by medical bills and the amount of time to recover. An attorney will ensure that you receive the highest compensation. Injury or illness due to medical malpractice is another area where personal injury lawyers can help the victim. Exposure to contaminants and toxins from industry is another kind of personal injury. If you have seen the movie Erin Brockovich, you will understand how a huge industry can negatively affect a community through release of chemicals to the ground water.

If you are considering a Social Security Claim or a claim for Long Term Disability, you can find an experienced LTD Lawyer in San Diego to help you. For example the lawyers at Iler and Iler, LLP, have over 45 years of legal experience among them. They represent clients exclusively based as a conditional or contingent fee meaning that payment is made only if there is a favorable outcome for the client. Contingent fees are typically a percentage of the net recovery. The law firm offers a free consultation where a disability attorney can evaluate your case and determine if it has merit. You can call their toll free number or fill out an online form to ask for the free consultation.

Long term disability benefits are routinely denied whether it is through your disability insurance policy or through the Social Security Administration. An LTD Lawyer in San Diego can determine the reason for the denial and help you take steps to correct it. Denial may be based on a technicality such as filing incorrect paperwork or missing a deadline. Other denials occur because of improperly documented reports from your doctor. Iler and Iler can handle Group Disability Insurance/ERISA claims as well as Private Disability Policy claims. The Group Disability Insurance claims are the most common type of disability claim. The coverage is typically provided through a group disability insurance policy from your employer. Private Disability Insurance is what you personally purchase, and they may also deny your claim. Your lawyer can also help with this too.


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