Laws Concerning Auto Accidents in Wichita, KS

by | Jan 13, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

What comes to your mind when you have an automobile accident? Usually the first thing is to ensure that no one is hurt. After the initial shock of the accident, the next thing that comes is, “who is in fault?” Depending on the state you live in, the answer to that question varies. Case, Moses & Zimmerman, P.A. practice law that deals with Auto Accidents In Wichita, KS. These are some things you should know about automobile insurance laws in Kansas.

An insurance company is obligated to investigate a claim that has been filed, whether first or third party. It must be within 30 days of the file date. If the company should need more time, it has a responsibility to send a letter to the insured or claimant explaining reason for delay every 45 days. The sooner the insurance company can complete its investigation, the better the integrity of the evidence involved in the claim. The laws of Kansas allows the insurance company room for what they consider a fair and equitable settlement of your claim if they deem it a total loss. If it is such that your vehicle can be repaired, the insurance company does not have to go with the estimate of the highest bidder you select simply because you think that bidder’s work is the best for your vehicle. The insurance company can select another estimate, and also does not have to repair your vehicle with original equipment parts, but can use what are called “after market” parts.

As the claimant, you have the right to file a suit for pain and suffering, but certain guidelines apply in the State of Kansas. To ensure that you have the most competent representation in such cases, choose a law firm who has the experience, know-how and proven track record to successfully negotiate your case. Choose an attorney who is well-known in the courtroom system and who will fight fervently for you. Case, Moses & Zimmerman, P.A. have over 180 years of combined experience practicing law and are well-equipped to fight for you in Wichita, Kansas. For an attorney who will represent you concerning Auto Accidents In Wichita, KS, call upn Case, Moses & Zimmerman at their location, or by visiting their website, Website.



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