It Was Just a Stupid Teen Prank. Will This Stay on Her Record?

It probably does not help to assuage the guilt and embarrassment you feel over the fact that your normally well-behaved teenager is facing vandalism charges to hear that you are not the first parent to be in this situation, nor is it likely that you will be the last.

Unfortunately, “tagging” has become a rite of passage of sorts for many teens all across the country. Tagging, which is considered an art form in certain circles—rightfully so in some, not so in others—is more commonly known as graffiti and will actually result in vandalism charges. Despite the knowledge that it is wrong, plenty of teens will do it anyway – just for the thrill. Unfortunately, this activity can result in criminal charges, necessitating the services of a juvenile defense lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI.

Other criminal charges that juveniles seem to commonly run into, which extend beyond the boundaries of what can be construed as a prank, include marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges, minor in possession of alcohol, DUI, and shoplifting. Though some crimes are, indeed, more serious in nature than others, teenagers don’t always fully comprehend the severity of their actions, or perhaps they do after the fact but failed to give much thought before taking the action, so it’s extremely important that they have an advocate to make sure they are treated fairly and appropriately in court, and this is precisely what a juvenile defense lawyer will do on your child’s behalf.

Of course, as a concerned parent, you want to know if any charges will permanently mar your child’s reputation and record. You know that it was wrong, and you definitely believe that your child should be punished, but you also do not want her to suffer irrevocably for a stupid adolescent prank or other poor choice. A juvenile defense lawyer understands that your child isn’t a hardened criminal and will work for fair resolution in Grand Rapids courts on her behalf.

There may be provisions within the law that would allow the charge to be completely erased from your teenager’s record. The only way to know if she would qualify is to seek the counsel of an experienced juvenile defense lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI who is knowledgeable about the laws in Michigan.

Seek a juvenile defense lawyer who will meet with you and your teen for a free consultation to discuss the details of the case and to develop the best plan of action. Even if your child faces consequences for her actions, there may be the possibility of getting the charge expunged from your teen’s record so that she can go on with her educational and professional opportunities without further hindrance due to a typical teenage error in judgment.

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