Injury attorney In Philadelphia for Slip and Fall Injury

by | Dec 26, 2013 | Lawyers

Personal injury claims tend to bring to mind images of auto accidents involving insurance companies with deep pockets. A policy able to pay injured parties large sums and involve no attorney’s fees until the case is settled. Large accidents attract lawyers who take cases for a portion of the claim as payment. Injury attorney In Philadelphia offers affordable legal representation regardless of size for those injured from a slip and fall.

Big or small, every claim is viable and deserves the same legal right to claims as any other case. Injuries often occur while doing routine task. These injuries are often thought to be the result of a person’s own clumsiness when in fact it is the recklessness of others. A good Injury attorney In Philadelphia helps those hurt to understand when damages are the fault of others such as; slip, trip and fall accidents commonly felt to be the oversight of one’s accident prone nature.

It is in fact the responsibility of the property owner to maintain his or her properties insuring the safety of everyone. Property owners are responsible to eliminate any threats such as serious cracks and rises in sidewalks, steps and pavements. Properties should be kept clean and free of ice and water or other things known to cause falls. It may feel like a hard case to prove when injured from a fall occurring in or around a business, residence or public mall, regardless the location you may have a valid case. It is unclear until a lawyer who commonly deals with such incidents reviews the facts.

When you are injured from a slip and fall call for a free consultation. You will pay no fees until a settlement is awarded to you. The many types of falls this firm handles includes; falling objects, building collapse, potholes, exposed wiring, construction equipment, hazardous conditions, defective elevators, escalators, or stairs, slippery floors and surfaces, exposed tree roots, ice, snow, obstructions, sidewalk defects, cracks and lifts. Falling seems to be a common everyday occurrence and yet it should not be when involving any of the above, if so you have a personal injury case on your hands and should contact legal help now.



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