How to Fill Out Your SSI Disability Application

by | May 21, 2014 | Lawyers

If you find yourself unable to work and seeking financial help you get you through this difficult time, it might be a good idea to fill out your SSI disability application. Some people struggle with this process because the forms are quite long and some of the terms are confusing. As long as you take the time to read everything over and seek assistance when you need it, however, you should be able to get through this process.

Give Yourself Time
Start by setting aside enough time to complete the application. Many people do not realize how much information must be included in their applications, so they end up leaving it and giving up before it has been completed. This can actually lead to it taking even longer to complete the application, since it can take time to find where you previously left off. The fastest way to complete the application is to give yourself a few hours to fill it out from start to finish and do it all in one sitting.

Legal Assistance
For some people, filling out one of these SSD applications alone becomes overwhelming, so they seek the support of a lawyer. This is perhaps the easiest way to ensure that the documents are filed correctly, as an attorney will often have dealt with this process hundreds, or even thousands of times in the past. Receiving legal assistance can be as easy as making a few phone calls.

Do Not Give Up
If you are denied on the initial application, do not give up. Most initial applications are denied and require two appeals and a hearing. Many claimants file initial applications, get discouraged when they are denied, and just give up. It is important to be persistent. If denied make sure you either file an appeal immediately or contact a NC SSD lawyer to appeal for you. click here to read more

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