How a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY Handles DWI Cases

A DWI, or driving while intoxicated, case can be a difficult case to handle. You could potentially be thrown in jail, fined a significant amount of money or lose your driver’s license depending on what can happen. This is why you need to get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer in Suffolk County, NY in the event that you are ever arrested for a DWI charge in Long Island.

You must make sure that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you have been arrested. You’ll need to get help to make sure that your case is covered and that you are protected from any legal issues that might come from it. Failing to get help could cause you to go to jail for a few years depending on the severity of the case.

Several different things are going to be reviewed by your criminal defense lawyer in Suffolk County, NY. These factors are used to see if you have suffered from any driving problems and if you were not treated right during the time of your arrest. Some of the factors that your defense lawyer is capable of reviewing include such common factors as:

* The breathalyzer or blood test results can be checked to see if they are accurate. In some cases faulty equipment can be used.

* The condition of your car may be analyzed. This includes checking to see if your car was not working right and if something beyond your control made it look as though you were drinking while intoxicated even if you weren’t.

* The field tests that could be used may be analyzed. This includes seeing if the area that you were tested in was fair for your case.

* Sometimes a police officer might not have had a reason for pulling you over in the first place. Your defense lawyer could potentially call the case out on this.

In some cases you might need to get some other figures or witnesses to help you out in the event that something wrong happens. Some kinds of people might help you out in the event that you are suffering from issues involving evidence. Witnesses may also testify on your behalf with regards to what happened. Some of the people who could assist you in your case after a lawyer calls for them include:

* People who are capable of reviewing blood and breath test results

* Car maintenance people who can see how a car was maintained and how operating at the time

* Others who might have been in the car

* Anyone who saw the case occur; sometimes these people could be useful if there were some external factors that were in your way and keeping you from driving properly

You have to make sure that your criminal defense lawyer in Suffolk County, NY is capable of taking care of your case as well as possible. Your lawyer should help you out by making sure that all points of a DWI case are reviewed and that all special figures and witnesses who are capable of helping you out are examined. The goal is to get you off the hook.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Suffolk County, NY – The Law Office of Mitchell M Shapiro, PC helps people with DWI cases in Suffolk County and other spots in Long Island.

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