Hiring an Immigration Attorney to Avoid Common Types of Immigration Fraud

Adjusting your immigration status, securing your work visa, and dealing with other immigration related situations can be confusing. This is especially true for anyone who speaks English only as their second language or for people who do not speak English at all. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of scams and frauds on the Internet trying to take advantage of someone. Hiring an immigration attorney is important for anyone who does not fully understand the process of applying for a green card or citizenship. Your immigration attorney can make sure you fill out the paperwork properly and do not make any mistakes on your application. They will also make sure you do not fall prey to common types of immigration fraud.

1. Premium Services and Guarantees

If you come across a legal business or law firm that promises you premium services and claims that they can guarantee your citizenship status or your green card, you should walk away. A reputable law firm such as Bell Law Office LLC will tell you that even the best immigration lawyers cannot promise that you will get a green card or citizenship with their efforts. They will make their best attempts to help you, but they cannot predict the future.

2. Non-Government Websites

Going on the Internet and finding a website that offers detailed instructions on how to fill out an application is risky. This is especially true if the website is not a government website. All government websites end in .gov. You should never download forms or pay for assistance filling out the forms on a website that is not a government website.

The best way to spot immigration fraud is to avoid the word guarantee. No one can guarantee you will get citizenship or get your green card. There are some services and websites that claim they can guarantee you will win the visa lottery for a diversity visa. In states where diversity visas are handed out, they are chosen at random. There is no way to guarantee you will be chosen for one, no matter how many that state is handing out that year. Connect With Facebook!



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