Hiring An Attorney For Discrimination And Harassment Cases In Springfield, MA

Discrimination Harassment in Springfield, MA encompasses cases that relate to race, religion, and sexual orientation. It is unlawful to deny a job or promotion to any individual based on these attributes. Unfortunately, it is a daily occurrence in the business world. Companies often consider their image when making these decisions instead of which employee would be the most effective fit for the job. Discrimination in the workplace, however, presents an actionable claim for the employee.

Discrimination and Harassment

In the workplace, there are a multitude of possible reasons behind harassment. In recent years, discrimination based on religious beliefs and sexual orientation have become more common. These offenses are often linked to racial profiling as well as misconceptions in relation to nationality. Harassment of any kind in the workplace is illegal and often requires legal action to remedy.

With changing laws related to immigration and marriage, more cases have arose throughout the country related to workplace discrimination. Employers often based their candidate selection on their own religious believes and racial prejudices. It is illegal for any employer to deny employment based on these attributes. If you were the victim of discrimination or harassment, you should contact your attorney immediately and file a claim. To learn more about harassment and discrimination, Click here.

Local Harassment Attorney

The Law Office of Michael O. Shea practices within personal injury and employment law. Within knowledge of these law fields, this attorney can present you with the opportunity to take legal action against your employer or the individual who wronged you. Through the litigation process, this attorney can provide you with an avenue that enables you to seek compensation. To learn more about workplace discrimination and personal injury law, contact this attorney and schedule a consultation.


Discrimination Harassment in Springfield, MA is the unlawful act of refusing employment to any individual based on any attributes outside of their work history, experience, and ability to properly perform job duties. Employers who are guilty of workplace discrimination and harassment place themselves in actionable territory. Harassment related to discrimination presents a dangerous working environment for all employees and should be taken seriously. However, some employers fail to protect these employees effectively. If you are the victim of discrimination or harassment based on discrimination, you should contact your preferred attorney immediately.

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