Hire A Disability Attorney For Increased Social Security Benefits

Workers who have medical conditions should file for social security benefits, especially if they have not been unable to work for longer than 12 months. To increase the likelihood of an accepted social security claim, claimants should continue their medical treatment, ask for the doctor’s assistance with the claim, apply as early as possible, and get representation from an attorney. Many applicants decide against hiring an attorney until after they have already been denied, and this is one of the biggest reasons why less than 45 percent of applicants receive benefits after filing their first claim.

If a claim is denied, a Disability Attorney In Bolingbrook can help by reviewing the decision letter, filing a direct appeal, and then requesting an administrative hearing to reconsider the denial. Having a professional provide insight and direction with a case greatly increases a claimant’s chance at gaining benefits. The most common reasons for a denied social security claim include:

  • Misplaced medical records
  • Incorrect documents or application errors
  • Lack of detailed information on application
  • Income exceeds SSA’s limit
  • Incomplete amount of social security credits

If filing for another person within the household, the claimant must be able to provide proof of his/her relationship to the affected party. Inability of proof is a cause for denial as well. Denied claims should be remedied as soon as possible by hiring an attorney to represent the case.

After hiring a reputable Disability Attorney In Bolingbrook, the attorney will analyze their client’s social security file and make corrections to their application before moving forward with the case. Some corrections may include obtaining additional medical records which could ultimately require some time. After preparing the case and client testimony, the attorney will make legal arguments at the hearing and cross-examine witnesses in order to win the case.

Some legal agencies won’t require payment unless the claimant wins the case and receives social security benefits. In some cases, attorneys may even be able to increase the claimant’s amount of benefits by demanding back pay and sustained benefits. Back pay is essentially a financial figure that denotes how much the claimant should have been receiving while fighting their denial in court and waiting for the hearing. Click here to read more about how one disability law firm helps their clients win cases.

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