Getting Just Compensation With An Accident Attorney In Chandler

by | Mar 5, 2014 | Lawyers

Being injured in an accident, doesn’t mean you have a personal injury claim. The accident has to be caused by someone else’s negligence. People who have claims should hire personal injury attorneys. PI claims can be confusing puzzles, and someone has to have the answers. A competent attorney can answer all your questions.

Victims with severe injuries need an Accident Attorney in Chandler. The amount of any settlement is determined by the severity of the victim’s injuries. Severity of injuries is determined by the amount of the medical bills, the type of injuries and how long it takes a person to recover. Some accidents result in permanent disabling injuries. Likewise, an individual can be disfigured in a bad accident. An attorney will know how to translate the permanency into a dollar amount.

A lawsuit will be filed, if the insurer fails to make an adequate settlement offer. Most personal injury lawsuits have compensatory damages. A dollar amount is given to the plaintiff, compensating him or her for losses due to the accident. Compensatory damages include property damage and medical bills. It is easy to determine the value of these damages. However, it is more difficult to quantify pain and suffering, and emotional distress caused by the accident. Other compensatory damages include lost wages, loss of enjoyment and loss of consortium.

The Accident Attorney Chandler knows that plaintiffs are entitled to damages for losing the ability to do something they used to do. For example, injuries may prevent someone from participating in a favorite hobby. Loss of consortium refers to the impact the accident has on the victim’s relationship with a spouse. The effect on time spent together, and sexual relations are considered. Some states also award damages if a parent-child relationship is affected. Often, Plaintiffs are awarded punitive damages. A jury awards punitive damages to punish the defendant for being particularly careless. For example, a defendant would be negligent and careless, if they were drinking and driving. The goal of accident litigation is to make the plaintiff whole, and that is hard to accomplish. Let a competent attorney fight for your rights.

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