Getting A Criminal Lawyer For A DUI Charge

by | May 20, 2013 | Lawyers

It seems that each year, the laws regarding driving while impaired are revised. The trend has been moving toward a more tightly controlled and public safety minded revision with each government session that takes place.

Many states are lowering their threshold limits of impairment and courts are cracking down far more harshly on drivers who have been charged more than once with chemical impairment-related driving offenses.

Dui Attorneys, Fullerton are seeing more and more cases of first time DUI defendants who are looking at serious charges for their case due to aggravating factors that have to do with the facts surrounding the arrest.

The charge of driving under the influence is one that will carry with it increasingly more steep penalties with each new case that the defendant picks up. Courts are focusing great zeal in their prosecution of repeat offenders in the category of impaired driving and public safety is a primary concern that is influencing that trend.

The defendant in even a first time driving under the influence charge would be wise to seek the advice of Criminal Attorney who is familiar with defending DUI clients. The local courts will certainly have a variety of judges, each with a reputation for how they tend to handle a certain type of case.

Clients of the Dui Attorneys Fullerton will have the benefit of the knowledge that their lawyer has about the different judge’s styles to help them with the setting of their case when there is an opportunity to do so with a more favorable judicial officer.

As with any criminal court charge, the lawyer you have representing you will be working toward the goal of mitigating any impact that criminal case will have on your future. A criminal record is a cumulative thing and no charge that a person picks up exists in isolation. Your licensed attorney will be fully aware of the potential repercussions of your current case when it is seen in light of your criminal record as a whole.

This global view of your case is something that an experienced attorney can bring to their client in order to best advise them as their case is being moved through the courts.


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