Galaxy 66: A Great Time and a Great View of Ocean City. Designate a Driver for the Trip Home


DUI lawyer
DUI lawyer

Ocean City, MD has a brand new restaurant that is taking over the nightlife scene: Galaxy 66 Bar & Grille. Whether hanging out for Jazz Fridayz, stopping by for a cocktail after work, or enjoying a private party, Galaxy 66’s futuristic setting and architecture makes it one of the most unique social spots in Ocean City. Weekly specials include Cosmic Crush Sunday and $5 martinis and ½ price bottles of wine on Thursday’s Girls Nite Out. The cocktails available in the Skye Bar will propel you into the future whether you’re drinking the “Hypernova,” the “Nebula,” or the ruby red “Big Bang.” If you prefer to relax in a more subdued setting, you and your party can enjoy a glass of wine in the Star Bar with the knowledge that the Restaurant Association of Maryland nominated Galaxy 66 as the Wine and Beverage Program of the Year.

With all of the cocktails and wine flowing, however, you will want to make arrangements to have a designated driver for the trip home. Nothing ruins a fabulous night out with friends so quickly as getting pulled over on the way home. In Ocean City, Maryland, law enforcement officers take seriously their responsibility to protect others from drivers who are DUI or DWI. Having a designated driver in place ahead of time ensures that everyone can have a good time, while also acting responsibly toward others.

Designated drivers have saved an estimated 50,000 lives and have prevented an untold number of injuries that could have occurred from DUI or DWI drivers. Seventy-three million people either serve as or are driven by a designated driver each year. And, a designated driver is a cost free way to save lives.

However, even with caution and the best of planning in place, it does sometimes happen that a driver is arrested for DUI. Some are arrested legitimately, some erroneously. If you or someone you know is facing a DUI charge in Ocean City, Maryland, it is essential to contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible. A DUIattorney in Ocean City, Maryland will be able to file for the hearing necessary to keep your license from being suspended. In addition, your DUI attorney can see about getting the DUI charges dropped or seeing that the consequences are as minimal as possible. Under the best of circumstances, your designated driver will get everyone home safely after a wonderfully enjoyable night at Galaxy 66. But, if the circumstances should be less than stellar, know that you can rely upon your Ocean CityDUI attorney to protect your rights and interests.


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