Filing Your Divorce Papers First With The Assistance Of A Divorce Attorney In Jefferson County, MO

It is beneficial to hire a Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County, MO when you need advice within these legal proceedings. An attorney practicing within this legal field is aware of methods used to reach an amicable agreement with your spouse. This will prevent the need for contested legal processes, which could become more complex as you proceed.

Filing First

In some areas, the individual who files the divorce papers first has the most leverage. This is not true in all areas, but it is beneficial, especially if you intend to prove infidelity as the grounds for the divorce. However, your word against your spouse’s does not present the results you want. To prove infidelity in a marriage you must have concrete proof that implies that your spouse was unfaithful.

Evidence Used in Divorce Cases

Audio and video evidence is the most sufficient evidence to proof infidelity. These recordings are often conclusive and rule out any argument presented by your spouse’s legal counsel. You may additionally present cell phone records, credit card statements, and other receipts that would imply an affair into court. In most cases, these items are considered admissible and provide concrete evidence and rule out entrapment of your spouse.

Local Divorce Attorney

The Lowry Law Firm offers legal counsel in divorce cases. This Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County, MO advises you throughout the process to ensure that your interests are secure and ensure that your spouse does not cause significant complications in your case. This law firm has handled a high-volume of divorce cases throughout its history and comprehends the needs of their clients. If you need a divorce attorney in the Jefferson County region, you should contact this law firm at your earliest convenience.


Your choice of professional divorce attorney in Jefferson County, MO sets you on the path to resolve your marriage in the most amicable manner possible. He or she will assist you in coming into an agreement with your spouse to avoid mediation and a trial. Your attorney can compromise through negotiations with your spouse’s attorney to settlement your divorce as quickly as possible.

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