Facts About An Wetumpka, AL Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury or accidental injury lawyers handle many types of cases including auto accidents, work injuries and wrongful death. Wetumpka, AL Personal Injury Attorney must attend law school and pass a state bar exam to practice law in this state. If you are interested in hiring an accidental injury lawyer, below are some facts you should know.

The specific requirements that attorneys must have to practice law vary by state, but they are all similar. A student must first have a four year undergraduate degree and pass an admissions test before they can be accepted into law school. This test is a requirement to evaluate the students’ logical reasoning and reading skills that are essential for completing law school. After passing the test, students will then attend law school for three years.

After graduation and before they can start practicing law, lawyers have to pass a test called the bar exam. Certain laws vary in each state, so each state has its own exam based on its specific laws. A separate test must be taken for each state in which they will practice law. This test will last two days and it covers principles of the law and legal doctrine. In some states, lawyers must additionally pass an exam concerning ethics.

Personal injury lawyers try all types of cases in which people have been injured, but were not at fault. These include automobile or motorcycle accidents or being hit by a drunk driver. Other accidental injury cases come about from injuries at work. Being attacked or bitten by a dog is also considered personal injury. Serious injury cases may include spinal cord or brain injuries or the wrongful death of a family member.

If you have been hurt or in an accident through no fault of your own, you may be able to receive repayment for medical expenses and lost pay from work. Wetumpka, AL Personal Injury Attorney will be able to advise you on the law and what you may be entitled to receive. You may also be able to recoup your legal fees for hiring a lawyer for representation. This type of case is often tried in a courtroom and decided by a jury. Other times, both parties may decide to forgo a trial and settle the case out of court.

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