DWI Attorney North Richland Hills Area

Are you looking for a DWI Attorney North Richland Hills area? There are various attorneys available that handle DWI cases in this area.It is a crime to operate a car, truck, motorcycle and commercial vehicle in all 50 states while you are impaired. These laws differ by state. Impaired could be when using alcohol, illegal drugs, medicines that are prescribed by a doctor such as pain killers or Xanax. Over the counter medicine such as antihistamines are also included. Impaired may also be when the driver’s blood alcohol concentrate or BAC level is above the DUI standards that have been set by the authorities.

When a person is pulled over by law enforcement for impaired driving they can be charged under a few offenses. DUI is driving under influence. DWI is driving while intoxicated. DUI is operating under influence. Regardless of how the offense is titled it is illegal and dangerous.

Field sobriety tests can also be done on the driver in question. These tests are conducted to determine the physical and cognitive ability of the person. Examples of sobriety tests are having the person in question walk in a straight line, walk heel to toe, recite the alphabet backwards or the officer using the penlight eye test.
There could also be chemical tests involved to determine the impairment of a person driving. These tests would include the Breathalyzer test which measures blood-alcohol concentration levels. Further tests such as a urine test and blood test can also be obtained through the local hospital. All of these tests help in getting a conviction or even clearing a person.

DWI convictions can cause potential criminal penalties and greatly upset a person’s life and finances. The penalties if convicted of a DWI could include jail time and fines. A DWI defense attorney understands the language of the DWI laws and can be of valuable assistance in helping a person charged or convicted of this crime. An experienced and knowledgeable DWI attorney in North Richland Hills is paramount to a persons case. They can help lower jail time and also fines. Their skill is in helping individuals who have been charged and convicted with DWI crimes.


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