Duties of notary public in Lancaster, PA

What is a notary public and what does this term stand for? A notary public generally refers to a legal person who witnesses the signing of the important legal documents and asks all parties (present at the time of signature) for a sworn oath of authenticity. The person is authorized by a state or city to administer the oaths and certify the documents after completing all necessary verifications.

The person, though, determines the authenticity of documents and proceeds with their certification; by now means, he shall exercise a power in any sort of criminal cases as he doesn’t have jurisdiction to be involved in anything that is beyond signing the documents.

Three basic duties of all notary publics in Lancaster, PA, are as follows:

Taking a deep look into the documents and administering the oaths for their authenticity

Taking and accepting acknowledgements. Confirming the oaths given by all parties present in the office.

Checking the documents for their originality and certifying everything by signing and stamping them.

A notary public first ensures the identity of the person that signs a document and also of those parties involved in the case, confirming that their names are as what they have mentioned and they are presenting their true identities while swearing the oath during the procedure. He shall spend some time in verifying the names of the parties and notaries the main person who is acquiring the notary services.

One misconception about a notary license is that his or her signature and embossing stamp on any legal document would make the piece of paper true and legal in the court’s eye. Keep in mind that documents certified by the legal personality shall be sealed with a notary’s seal or else it won’t be considered valid and that all documents are maintained as well as registered by the person in his or her register.

Now what should a seal look like? The seal is either as simple as a seal press or a bit flexible lie rubber stamp. These stamps are normally the personal property of the license holder signing the document. In addition to it, their signatures are required on all documents that need to be authenticated or else they would not be taken as legal by the court of law.

Practically, a notary public verifies your identity and also of other people present in his office by looking at the driver’s license; however, he may also request everyone to present additional pieces of evident just for his confirmation and satisfaction. Take birth papers, marriage/divorce papers, national identification card numbers, and other important identity details along with you when meeting with the notary is scheduled.

It’s important for you and everyone taking part in the oath to be truthful in providing all the information or else the case would come out more complicated legally for the entire family and you may have to pay extra money to the court, not for providing insufficient details also for wasting the court’s time and tempering with the legal documents. Share all details correctly and never hide your true identity if don’t want to be faced up with the legal complications.


Notary public provides a variety of services such as vehicle license services, title transfer services, divorce paper authentication service and legal documents certification services and much more. If you will consult a lay notary public, chances are it will take forever to get any document authenticated and certified, so you should work only with a reliable and experienced person. Abel Notary Services LLC is providing all sorts of document notary services including vehicle licenses along with free customer service.


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