Drug Related Arrests and Charges Can Impact Your Life – Don’t Wait to Contact a Lawyer

A drug, specifically marijuana, related arrest occurs about every 42 seconds in the United States. Drug related offenses aren’t exclusive to possession. Depending on state laws, a drug charge has the potential to change the alleged offender’s life. If you’ve been arrested and charged with a drug related offense, it’s important to find qualified legal representation as soon as you possibly can. An experienced criminal law attorney can investigate the inner workings of your case, and gather proof that you were unfairly arrested or are facing a charge that doesn’t fit your crime. Time is limited with criminal law related arrests, and acting quickly can save you a lifetime of hassle.
Types of Drug Crime

Possession is the most common type of drug related offense. For this reason, first time possession offenses don’t normally carry serious implications. In some states, a possession charge can be wiped from a person’s record completely after a certain amount of time. Carrying illegal drugs knowingly without a prescription will garner a possession charge, assuming the prosecution can prove the defendant is guilty. Distribution, trafficking, and manufacturing charges often result in harsher consequences for a convicted defendant. Distribution and trafficking involves the sale of illegal drugs. Manufacturing refers to growing or creating a drug to use for distribution and trafficking. Sentences can range anywhere from 3 years with additional fines to life in prison.

Potential Consequences of Conviction

Depending on the type of drug offense you’re being charged with, you could be facing serious penalties. Multiple facets of offenders’ lives can be negatively influenced following drug related arrests. Ocean City MD attorneys can protect your arrests Ocean City MD and protect you against the possibility of being forced to pay fines, serving jail or prison time, losing college financial aid eligibility, and having your record marked for life. If you’ve been unfairly charged with any sort of drug crime, an experienced criminal law attorney can prevent future fines, restraints, and humiliation.

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