Discrimination in the Workplace: Why Victims Need Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Experiencing discrimination at work can be both scary and frustrating. Anyone that has had to endure such circumstances understands the mental and emotional pain that can result as well as the questions that may arise. Victims of discrimination in the workplace may be unsure of their options for pursuing legal action, and this can leave them wondering what to do next. For those who are unsure of whether or not it’s a good time to hire employment discrimination lawyers, keep reading to discover why you may want to start evaluating your options today.

Complicated Process

Employment discrimination cases can take months (or even years) to resolve, and there are many local and federal laws that may affect whether your case is even admissible in court. A qualified discrimination attorney will help you navigate the legal system and understand how these laws apply to your specific case. Furthermore, your attorney will advise you on how you may need to adjust your behavior to make sure you don’t do or say anything that could jeopardize your case.

Burden of Proof

When it comes to employer discrimination, the burden of proof will fall primarily on your shoulders. Unfortunately, discrimination is sometimes difficult to prove as employers do not want to admit their discriminatory behavior, and they may fabricate other false reasons why they took negative action against you (for example, you were passed up for a promotion because you are unqualified for the position). In these cases, you should enlist the help of an experienced discrimination lawyer who can see through those tactics and help you present the honest truth about what has occurred.

Risk of Retaliation

Though it doesn’t always happen, there is a possibility that your employer may to retaliate against you once they find out that you have filed a discrimination complaint against them. Retaliatory behavior includes any negative action (such as firing, harassing, or demoting you) that your employer takes against you in response to your complaint. If this happens to you, you’ll need a compassionate lawyer on your side to help you properly document your employer’s behavior and take the appropriate measures to protect yourself.

It takes a combination of experience, compassion, knowledge, and tenacity to win an employment discrimination case. Consequently, it’s beneficial for you to have wise legal counsel on your side who can help you recover the peace of mind you desire and get the justice you deserve. Contact Mr. McMoran, O’Connor & Bramley P C for more information.

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