Disability Attorney in Illinois: Understanding Back Payments

A disability attorney in Illinois is the legal representative that you would contact after your application for disability benefits has been rejected. If the attorney gets your benefits approved, it is very possible that the social security office could owe you money in addition to your month check. Your disability attorney in Illinois is going to tell you this money is called a back payment. The amount of money you will actually receive depends on when you first applied and what kind of disability you have.

The Wait Period

The time you have to wait between applying for disability and finding out whether you are getting approved or rejected can be pretty long as a result of the sheer volume of people who apply every day. The social security disability insurance benefits also come equipped with a five month waiting period. This means you would have to be kept waiting more than five months in order to receive any back payment.

Retroactive Benefits

You could also be entitled to a back payment that is called retroactive benefits. This back payment is for individuals who the social security office believes were entitled to disability immediately after being disabled. This back payment will include the money you would have received if you had benefits from the day you were disabled until the day you applied.

If the social security office decides that you are entitled to any kind of back payment you are going to receive it as one lump sum attached to your first monthly check. Most people will use their first check or their back payment in order to pay the disability attorney in Illinois that they hired. Most disability attorneys do not actually require payment for their services unless they were able to get you disability benefits. Typically, you will get your first check at the beginning of the month following your approval. This means that if you were approved in March it would not be until the beginning of April that you received your first check. After your first check, you would have a specific day on which you would receive your benefits every month. Browse www.rabinslaw.com to know more.

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