Defend Your DUI Case With An Experienced Attorney

Each time we drive our cars on the road, we are taking a risk. All licensed drivers must have an awareness of the responsibilities that go along with the drivers license they hold and public safety is something about which we should all be concerned.

The legislatures of every state have been under pressure to lower the legal limit for impaired driving and in many cases, federal highway funding may be tied to doing just that.

All of that knowledge can be commonplace, but the fact is that humans sometimes make mistakes in judgment and even when we may not think we are impaired, it is very possible or even probable that after a few drinks, we may be over the legal limit for safe driving.

People who receive a citation for impaired driving are wise to consult with an experienced attorney to see how their ticket could possibly affect their future driving record and their insurance rates, as well as their driving privileges.

Talking to the DUI Attorney Norwich CT office can help a defendant in an impaired driving case to see what options they have for resolving their case. In cases where the ticket is a first time offense on a totally clean driving record and the blood alcohol reading was not too extreme, there may be some room to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution.

Other situations with more complications can be less straightforward to resolve. Defendants who may have previous DUI cases on their record or who have had an accident that was part of the DUI charge will need a more complex strategy to be employed by their attorney.

Clients of the Law Office of Peter Catania are able to tell their attorney the facts that surround their case and their lawyer can review the driving record of the client to help put the new charge into perspective.

Each case is unique and each client gets the individual attention that only a private attorney can give them. Letting your legal representation handle your case can help with giving you peace of mind as to the fact that your best interests are being spoken for at each court appearance.

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