Criminal Attorney Roles

Any crime charged has the potential to cause both short and long term consequences. In addition to the possibility of jail or fines, a criminal conviction could mean losing a job or the possibility of not being able to obtain a job in the future. It is the job of an experienced criminal attorney to understand these consequences and help minimize them or avoid them altogether.

One of the simpler offenses a criminal lawyer will handle is traffic infractions. Although these are often handled by mail, multiple violations or a single severe violation can mean an expensive fine, higher insurance rates, and possibly being suspended from driving. A lawyer’s job is to try to strike a deal for a lesser violation in order to face less severe consequences. If the evidence is not strong or the local police department has a history of not being good about showing up in court, they could also challenge the infraction and seek to have it dismissed entirely.

A Criminal Attorney also handles assault cases. Assault charges can arise when a confrontation at a bar or sporting event escalates in the heat of the moment. They can also occur if someone attacks a person or someone that person is with, the person responds in defense, and the police decide to arrest everyone involved. Assault convictions can have serious consequences, as many employers will refuse to hire anyone with a history of violence. To prevent this, the lawyer will show that what happened was in self-defense or otherwise justifiable. If this is not possible, they will try to arrange a non-criminal disposition such as anger management or pleading to disorderly conduct in exchange for the serious charges being dropped.

Violent felonies are another important task for a Criminal Attorney. After a murder, armed robbery, or similar incident the police will be very aggressive in trying to solve it. This increases the possibility that an innocent person may be wrongly accused. These charges carry significant time in prison. Whether the person is innocent or not, the attorney will seek to present evidence undermining the government’s case against them in order to win acquittal or to push for a deal that could reduce the period of incarceration by years.

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