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by | Apr 22, 2013 | Accident Attorney

In the aftermath of an auto collision, your life may seem to be in a state of chaos. The shock and the trauma that can set in following a vehicle crash can take days to be fully realized and the injuries that you have suffered may take weeks, months or even longer to heal so that your life can resume a more normal pattern again.

When the accident that you have had was caused by the negligence of someone else and the at-fault party is clearly to blame for you becoming hurt, it is time to contact an attorney to represent you in your personal injury claim.

The first step in filing a civil case for personal injury is to have an initial consultation with the to see if your accident has the necessary factual basis to support your claim.

There are many types of money damages that can be requested as part of your claim of personal injury against the other party. One common type of financial claim is for you to be repaid for all of your out of pocket medical expenses that have been related to the accident.

Another reason to sue for a money award from the at-fault party in your accident is so that you can pay for ongoing or future medical expenses for those injuries they caused.

If you lost income due to the accident and the time needed for treatment you attended for your injuries, a wage loss category of damages is something that can reasonably be requested as well.

Not all claims for personal injury go to the courtroom for trial. Getting a car accident settlement via negotiation can avoid the need for a trial and can be done with one of several methods with the help of your lawyer.

If negotiating directly with the attorneys for the other side proves unsuccessful, many cases can be settled by bringing in a neutral third party to facilitate mediation. Mediated settlements are usually a more satisfying conclusion to both sides than a jury trial outcome.

No matter what method you use to get your claim settled, your lawyer will be on your side, advocating for your best interests at every juncture.

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