Common Types of Personal Injury in Marion

When you suffer any kind of personal injury in Marion you should get hold of a good personal injury attorney. Personal injury occurs when you are in some way harmed physically, mentally or emotionally by negligence by the hands of another party. There are various things that fall under personal injury and that is why if ever you feel that you have been caused harm by another; you contact an attorney immediately. This is because most people do not know what kinds of actions fall under personal injury. Below you will find the three most common forms of personal injury.

Workplace injury is a form of personal injury in Marion

Injury in the workplace can happen in just about any environment. If you suffer injury at work by no fault of your own you may contact a lawyer specialising in personal injury in Marion. A situation like this can occur from something as seemingly silly as wires that are not properly put out of the way. A staff member could easily trip over these wires and seriously injure themself. This will be the fault of the company. Workplace injury is more common in more dangerous professions such as plumbing, building and so on.

Transportation accident injury is a form of personal injury in Marion

If you find yourself in a vehicle accident that has left you injured in some way, it is a form of personal injury in Marion. Of course the accident has to be caused by another’s negligence and not your own in order for you to have any claim for compensation. This type of personal injury can occur whilst you are commuting in your own vehicle and another commuter causes an accident or even whilst making use of public transport and the driver or operator causes an accident.

Personal injury in Marion by third party negligence

Personal injury in Marion of this kind has to do with when you are visiting an establishment that you do not work at and suffer some kind of injury by a third party’s negligence. This can occur whilst in a shopping mall if you sleep and break your arm due to wet floors and a warning sigh was not put up. Whatever the situation, if you visit another company or business and come into harm due to another’s fault, you are entitled to compensation.

These are only the most common kinds of personal injury. It is best to contact a personal injury attorney whenever you feel that another has caused you harm. This includes the event of personal assault. Many personal injury attorneys will offer you a free consultation so that they can evaluate you kind of personal injury in Marion.

Always hire an attorney specialising in personal injury in Marion for your personal injury case. Make sure that he or she is reputable. For reliable legal advice see


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