Badly Hurt in a Car Accident? Call a Ft Lauderdale FL Accident Injury Lawyer

Car accidents happen so quickly, it can be hard for the person to remember what happened. One minute they were driving down the road to collect their dry cleaning and the next second a car has slammed into them. If the person who hit them was drinking or texting, then they are negligent. That means that the injured person is entitled to damages. The amount of those damages will be based on their medical bills, lost earnings and pain and suffering. If the person is so badly injured that they will never be able to work again, then the damages will have to support them for the rest of their life.

Because of the large sums of money that are on the line, the injured person should hire a Ft Lauderdale FL Accident Injury Lawyer. The injured person doesn’t deal with negligent person. Most drivers carry insurance and the injured person will have to deal with a claim representative. After the lawyer has documented the injury and the medical bills, he will file a claim for damages. The representative can accept it, reject it or offer a lower claim. Usually they start by offering a much lower number. However, they might reject the claim and actually file for damages against the injured person. Attorneys at Injury Law on Call have faced these intimidating tactics and know how to counter them.

A Ft Lauderdale FL Car Accident Injury Lawyer will interview all of the police and paramedics who responded to the accident. He will also review all of the accident scene evidence and question and eyewitnesses. It’s important that the lawyer be brought on the case early, so that everything is still fresh in people’s minds. The memory of eyewitnesses can fade quickly, therefore it’s necessary to speak with them as soon as possible. The lawyer can also protect the injured person who doesn’t feel well. Sometimes people are so desperate for money that they accept the first offer. The lawyer can assure them, that in their kind of case it’s typical for an injured person to receive a much larger payment. While it’s always the injured person’s right to accept or reject any claim, they usually take their lawyer’s advice. Visit the website.

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