Auto Accident Attorney on Long Island, NY: Proving Who Is At Fault

After getting in a vehicular accident it is perfectly normal for tons of questions to start floating around in your head. The best way to get answers to these questions is through an Auto Accident Attorney on Long Island, NY. Naturally, you are probably thinking to yourself that you could just hop online and use your favorite search engine to look up your questions; however, there is no guarantee that you are going to get accurate information. You can have 100 percent confidence in the answers you receive when they come from an attorney.

The first question that most people have after they get into an accident is: what are they supposed to do next? The first thing you are going to want to do after you get in an accident is start taking notes. You want to document exactly what happened up until the accident and right after the accident. These notes are going to help your Personal Injury Lawyer in Brooklyn, NY if your case were to go to court. These notes would be very accurate details about what happened before and during the accident because you wrote them while they were fresh in your mind.

In the interest of helping your Auto Accident Attorney on Long Island, NY prove who was at fault you are going to want to scan the area and see if there are any people lingering. If someone is lingering there is a good chance that they might have saw the accident as it happened. This would be an unbiased witness that your attorney could use. All you want to do is collect their personal information in case they needed to be contacted

If you happened to get in a read-end accident or a left turn accident there is not as much need for you to take notes and collect evidence. This is because read end accidents and left turn accidents are almost never going to be your fault. When you are making a left turn the person would have to run a red light in order to hit you. If you get rear-ended you would have to be driving backwards for it to be your fault. Your lawyer will have no trouble proving fault for these two kinds of accidents.





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