As a motorcycle rider what are rights if you are in an accident?

by | Feb 12, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

A motor vehicle operator has the same rights regardless whether he is driving a car, a light truck or van, an 18 wheeler or a motorcycle. If he is conducting himself in accordance with the law, and he is duly licensed and insured all drivers have the same rights. Although all riders or drivers of motor vehicles are protected by the same laws, some are more liable for serious injury than others. What about personal injury – your rights as a motorcycle rider, are they in any jeopardy?

If you are involved in an accident and the accident was in no way your fault then the other party is negligent and indefensibly guilty. It sounds so simple but the guilty party will contest any claim and insist that he had nothing to do with the accident, he will attempt to either share blame or divert it back to the motorcycle rider altogether. This is when you need a lawyer and not any old lawyer; you need a lawyer who is skilled in personal injury claims, especially as refers to motorcycle accidents.

As a citizen who has suffered personal injury – your rights in a motorcycle accident are easily defined. You have the right to sue for compensation. The amount of compensation you get all depends on the seriousness of the incident; it depends on the physical damage you sustained, the pain and agony as well as the mental anguish, loss of wages and damages to your motorcycle. To claim an award for the suffering and financial loss you incurred you will have to sue under tort law. To do this you will have to be represented by a qualified attorney who has plenty of experience in dealing with negligence as applies to the accident.

Dealing with insurance companies:

To operate a motor vehicle a person must be insured. When you are suing a party for negligent operation of their motor vehicle you can bet you will be facing the insurance company lawyers. They are paid to be tough; their job is to deny you compensation and to protect their client from undue financial harm. Do not think for one minute that they are push over’s because they are not. When your lawyer is defending your personal injury – your rights in a motor cycle accident, he has to be as tough as his adversaries.

Your solution is simple, have a better attorney than they do, have an attorney who is seasoned in dealing with motorcycle accidents and has seen it all before. This attorney will know how to deal with the insurance company lawyers, he will indicate to them that their client is to blame and they are going to pay.

When you suffer apersonal injury – your rights in a motorcycle accidentare guaranteed by law. You need to discuss your case with Houston’s best, The Ferrell Law Firm.

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