Are you neck-deep in debt? Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can bring you relief

Are you getting nightmares of creditors repossessing your home or property? Or, your inability to pay your bills is having a psychological effect on you? Are you considering filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Well, you are not alone. There are many people who borrow money for a number of personal reasons as well as for business purposes. They are happy and contended that they have managed to get the homes they always wanted or are able to fulfill their childrens’ wish to study in top colleges. Things go smoothly for sometime. They do well professionally. Businesses also bring in windfall gains. They are able to pay back their monthly installments within the due dates and continue to maintain good credit scores.

File for bankruptcy and stop creditor harassment

This gives them the confidence to plan ahead for other loans as they are aware based on their credit history, they would qualify for them. But life is uncertain. There are unfortunate events happening all the time and they might be victims of those. Maybe, because of economic downturn, they lost their jobs. Or, their business suffered huge losses. In these cases, people who were in debt are incapable to make even the minimum payments due every month. This is where problems start creeping up. Harassment by creditors over the phone or taking over existing property for reselling are common these days for paying off debts. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, also referred to as “straight” bankruptcy is the process where a debtor is required to give up his property exceeding certain limits so that the property can be sold to pay creditors their dues.

What you can expect from the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

Businesses and individuals can file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and get some relief from constant anxiety. It is advisable to approach a trusted debt relief agency which can help you file for bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Such agencies can assist you by reducing your payments, stopping foreclosures and vehicle repossessions. They can stop creditors harassing you over the phone, stop the procedure whereby a mortgage company takes over your residence and also put an end to legal summons regarding the taking of your wages or property to settle your debt. Filing for bankruptcy is not as intimidating as it seems. It is infact a wise thing to do when you don’t have other means of repayment. Your legal obligation to pay most, if not, all of your debts ends when you are filing for bankruptcy Some of these agencies can also help if you are facing legal action with another party and resolve the issue.

If you are planning to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Indianapolis has quite a few reputed debt relief agencies with whom you can talk to.

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