An Automobile Accident May Demand a Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando

An automobile accident may bring untold grief and heartache to both the individual injured and the family. If the accident was the direct result of someone else’s negligence then it’s important to contact immediately a personal injury attorney in Orlando.

Although the accident itself is devastating there is good news as the injured party is entitled to compensation for injuries of both a physical and emotional kind. Compensation can be claimed which is to be paid for by the insurance company of the negligent individual or entity. The insurance company wants to limit its payout if possible and if you are in the hospital and your only concern is caring for your family, the insurance company will attempt to take advantage of this and offer some kind of settlement in hopes that you accept it and sign off on the issue. A personal injury attorney in Orlando will advise you not to sign anything or to negotiate anything with an insurance company at this time.

A personal injury attorney in Orlando will attend to the clients’ rights while the client can concentrate on getting well.

Personal injury is not always the result of an automobile accident. A personal injury attorney in Orlando can represent a client who has been injured on the job, someone who has tripped on a broken or uneven sidewalk, someone who has been injured by a defective product or been assaulted. The common denominator is negligence and if it can be proven that you have been injured as a result of any other parties’ negligence then you are entitled to compensation.

The amount of monetary compensation will often be judged on the severity of the injuries. A personal injury attorney in Orlando will see to it that his client receives the maximum possible under the circumstances. If the injury result is the loss of a limb, severe broken bones, brain damage or any other injury that causes long term disability the award will be much higher than if the injuries were not as severe. When the award is adjudged the amount granted is not just that which takes the injuries into account, the award takes into consideration the long term ramifications to a person’s life. Pain, emotional stress and physical changes all enter the equation when the award is being determined and the personal injury attorney in Orlando will make every attempt at maximizing the award for his client. Although these factors are classified as intangibles they can be argued by a keen attorney.

In many cases the personal injury attorney in Orlando will settle out of court with a mediated award. The mediation process assures that the injured part gets satisfaction for all the aspects of the personal injury caused by the neglect of others, the mediation is done outside the courtroom and is done directly by the personal injury attorney in Orlando and the insurance company.



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