A Personal Injury Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI Can Handle Many Types of Cases

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When people hear of a personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI they immediately think car accident. While they do handle many types of auto accidents there are various other areas of personal injury law, in fact there’s as much variety in the types of personal injury law as there are in auto accidents. Auto accidents can be between two cars, or it can be one car and a truck. Truck accidents are generally very complex as the semi-tractor trailer is generally under a few different companies or corporations.

Freight companies may contract independent drivers to bring their rig which they own personally. Then the rig is connected to a trailer that is filled with manufactured materials and is owned by the freight company. Now the truck driver and his rig has one insurance company and may be located in any state. The freight company has another insurance carrier and is incorporated in yet another state, and the company that contracted the shipment may be in still another state. But still there are many responsible parties so quickly it can become a very complex case. Still this is just one type of motor accident that a personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI handles regularly.

Other motor accidents can be a collision on a motorcycle which is still another type, or if a car or motorcycle hits a pedestrian. As many motorcycle accidents unfortunately end in a death of the rider the case than can become a wrongful death suit. Which is another type of personal injury law altogether.

Along the lines of cases a personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI may handle that can result in a wrongful death suit, is the closely related medical malpractice types of suits. A medical malpractice suit may involve not just the health practioner or doctor but the hospital, and emergency room staff or surgeons. Medical malpractice suits can be complex as there are so many costs associated with someone’s mistreatment, so a lot of investigative work must be done prior to going to court.

Lastly, a personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI may also handle the typical slip and fall case. Generally this involves a negligent party who may not have performed due diligence in making their grounds or entry ways safe for patrons. Whether it’s a wet floor, uneven pavement, or a torn entry rug the company is liable for any unsafe and dangerous conditions.

Negligence can also be proven by a personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI when there is a faulty produce. This constitutes negligence on a manufacturers company. As you can see there are numerous different types of cases in personal injury. If someone you know has suffered at the negligence of another, contact a personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI to assist you.

Personal injury law can be very complex; you need a lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI that can make things far more simple. To see what they can do to get you the restitution you deserve.

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