A Defense Lawyer San Diego Can Help You Understand The Criminal Law System

by | Feb 17, 2014 | Attorney

For a lot of people, what tidbits of information they know about criminal law comes from what they’ve learned through movies, books, and television shows. Should you ever personally become involved in the criminal law system you are going to experience something that is very different from what you see on the television. Thinking you’ve seen enough crime shows to handle your criminal court case on your own is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make. There is a reason why the court offers court appointed attorneys for people who cannot afford to hire a defense lawyer San Diego. That reason is the fact that you need a lawyer if you want to stand a chance at winning your case or at least getting a lighter sentence.

Anything that the government considers to be an action that is dangerous to society is labeled as a crime. Anything that is labeled as a crime can be punished by sanctions such as: fines, community service, and even jail time. Regardless of how serious or insignificant you think the crime might be, you are going to want to look into hiring a defense lawyer in San Diego to help you with your case.

A defense lawyer San Diego is going to be able to help you understand the criminal law system itself which can be confusing to someone who has never committed a crime before. The system includes everything from the arrest, the investigation, the conviction, and the sentencing. There are a number of people who play important roles in the system including: the person being accused, police officers, bail bondsmen, prosecuting attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, judges, and witnesses.

The outcome of your criminal case is going to vary depending on what kind of crime you committed, the strength of the evidence backing the charges against you, and the skills of the lawyers. Whether or not the judge or the prosecutor has a personal agenda related to the crime you committed will also play a factor. When everything is said and done there is always a chance that the charges could be dropped and you could walk out as a free person.

Stefano L. Molea is an experienced defense lawyer providing superior legal representation in San Diego.

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