A Car Accident Attorney in Florence, KY Can Help When It’s Needed Most

Every year, there are approximately 150,000 auto collisions in Kentucky. Every accident involved people who were just going to work or visiting friends. Some of these people had been drinking, but most of them had not. Some may have been distracted in some way, but most were just driving. They were just Kentuckians going about their business. Unless the accident is really bad, it won’t make the news. After all, there are about 410 accidents every day.

Many of these people were badly injured. Even worse, every day one or two people in Kentucky die in accidents. In all these cases, people are suffering. There will be expenses that hadn’t been anticipated. Lost wages, medical bills, transportation and child care costs add up quickly, especially when family income has gone down. If the breadwinner is unable to work for an extended period, or perhaps will never be able to work again, the situation becomes critical. Everyone is stressed and relationships are challenged. An insurance adjuster drops by with an offer. Money is so tight that it’s really tempting and he seems to really be concerned.

It’s hard to be sure about knowing what to do. Probably at least one member of the family is saying, “Take the offer, we need the money.” Signing the papers will mean that even if the offer is really much too small, it can’t be changed later. It’s important to find out what can be done to make a bad situation a little better. Nothing can make someone’s injury better and certainly can’t bring someone back, but life can become a little better than it is now. The law and the courts are complicated. Sometimes there are deadlines with serious consequences if they are missed. It’s important to find someone knowledgeable and experienced who can help.

David M. Blank has been a car accident attorney in Florence KY since 1991. When people are injured, he and his team work hard to get the right results for their clients. He understands everything about the legal system. His firm is very experienced in representing clients involved in criminal law cases. They also handle civil cases, including wills and estate planning. Anyone injured in a car accident should consider calling the law offices of david m. Blank to learn how they could help.

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