A Foreclosure Notice Doesn’t Have to Result in Foreclosure

Getting a foreclosure notice from your bank can be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life. It’s not that you didn’t know that you were behind in your mortgage payments, but the thought that you could lose everything that you’ve worked so hard for becomes imminently real when you are holding that notice in your hands. However, there is hope. A foreclosure notice does not have to result in foreclosure when you seek the help of knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy lawyers Lawrenceville area. Your bankruptcy lawyers may be able to assist you in filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy that would enable you to retain your home and stop any foreclosure proceedings that have been initiated by your bank or mortgage company.

Because there are a variety of reasons as to why you might find yourself in the difficult financial circumstances that you are in, your bankruptcy lawyers will not judge you or think that you have somehow failed to provide for your family in the ways that you should have. Rather, for many people, seeking the help of bankruptcy lawyers is a very responsible step in attempting to recover from overwhelming debt and the inability to earn the income that would normally retire that debt. Plus, in most circumstances, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to keep your home and your car, so that you have the ability to remain on firm financial footing once the bankruptcy is ended.

If you have already received notice from the bank or mortgage company, it is possible that they have already begun formal foreclosure proceedings on your home or may soon attempt to repossess your vehicle. Your bankruptcy lawyers will help you to file for Chapter 13, if that is what is advisable, in the quickest manner possible in order to halt any repossession or foreclosure that has already been started. For most people this is the best part of the experience in getting help from bankruptcy lawyers because it means that no lending institution can threaten you with the loss of your home or car once you have filed. Plus, after your lawyers file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy on your behalf, all of your creditors are required by law to cease any direct contact with you.

Chapter 13 is not the answer for everyone and it is not an easy fix to your financial woes, but for many who are facing foreclosure, it is the best option available for keeping their homes and being able to work out from the crushing weight of the debt that has been overwhelming them. Contact bankruptcy lawyers in Lawrenceville today to learn whether or not filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you.

If you have received a foreclosure notice, the bankruptcy lawyers at the Lawrenceville Law Office of Kevin J. Pratt, may be able to help you save your home and get the debt relief you need.

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